What is airsoft?

Airsoft guns were first created in Japan where owning real firearms is illegal. At first, they were used for target practice but the use of plastic pellets made them safe to use on other people. Children throughout history have played games like "cops and robbers". In the 1990's, when airsoft came to America, it allowed adults and kids a new safe way to play. Since then, the sport has grown and evolved. Now airsoft games can be as simple as 30 minute "capture the flag" matches or as complex as a multi-day event with hundreds of participants simulating a realistic military experience. In fact, some of those Milsim (military simulation) games are used as recruiting tools for our US military services. Here at Steel City Airsoft, most of our games are shorter in duration so that any new comers don't have to wait very long to join in the fun.

Who plays airsoft?

In short, everybody! Our players have ranged in age from six years old to senior citizens. Parents can bring their children out to play while the parent enjoys chatting with other parents, or they can join the fun. (Which we recommend!) We had a young gentleman who played here who had a custom modified electric wheel chair. I have played in the woods with a man who was a paraplegic. We attempt to ensure a fun playing environment for everyone. We do ask for information at check in about any medical conditions which could affect a player's health and safety. That information is kept confidential and is used only to help us keep you safe.

Is airsoft dangerous?

There have been many news stories recently about improper and unsafe use of airsoft replica guns which resulted in death or injury. We encourage all players and their families to treat all airsoft replicas the same way they would treat a real gun. They often do look real. If they are waved around in the open in a neighborhood, someone may think they are real and call the police. Always keep your replica covered when it is being transported and let your neighbors and local police know if your backyard is large enough that you have chosen to let children play airsoft there. And teach your children gun safety whether they are players or not. Always assume a gun is loaded, keep your gun on safe, barrel cover on, and do not point it at anything you are not actively trying to shoot. The McKees Rocks police station is down the street from Steel City Airsoft. They know about us and they know that our customers may be carrying replica guns. We are a safe place for kids to play or show off their new "guns" to their friends. We also have very strictly enforced safety rules that we encourage our players to follow even when they are playing elsewhere. In short, airsoft is no more dangerous than any other sport.

What equipment do I need to be able to play?

Steel City Airsoft has everything you need to play available for sale or rental. If you wish to provide everything for yourself, you will need: full seal ANSI 87.1 rated goggles and a mask which covers your entire face, an airsoft replica gun (must meet our chrono rules), and bb's (note: if you are using a rental, you must use .20gram polished bb's or better). We strongly recommend protection for your hands as well. Knuckle shots hurt and can bleed. If you are new to airsoft and worried that it will hurt, you may want baggy, stiff pants and a long sleeved shirt. Baggy jeans and a thick hoodie work great! Once you play, you'll be able to adjust what you wear based on your preferences.