FPS Limit

Our FPS limit is 350fps with .20g BB's. Period. No exceptions. This is a safety issue and is not negotiable. All replicas must be chrono'd every time you visit.

Polarstar users, please note: Polarstars must chrono at or below 1 Joule with whatever weight BB you plan to use that day. There is also a limit of .25g BBs for Polarstars. Yes, we know Polarstars work better with .40g BBs, but you're not playing outside. You don't need to be able to hit the other side of a football field. If you violate these rules, you will be kicked out without refund. Repeated issues will cause you to be banned from the arena.


My replica only shoots 351fps!
351 is over 350, so your replica cannot be used on our field.
I only use .35g BB's and I shoot under 350.
You can use whatever weight you want when you play, but your replica must shoot under 350fps with .20g BB's for our chrono purposes. (Polarstars can use .25g and lighter.)
XYZ Airsoft told me my replica chrono's under 350, so that's good enough, right?
We do our own chrono testing, and our chrono controls our field. Your replica must shoot under 350fps with .20g BB's at our field on the day you're playing.

My Replica Shoots Hot

Fear not! We have have a numbers of ways to help.

First, we have rentals available: M4 rifles, shotguns, and pistols.

If you also use your replica outdoors, we have velocity reducers for sale. These neat little things attach to the end of your barrel and slow your velocity down without touching your spring.

Or, if you're not going to play outdoors, we can sell you a spring that will put you right in the sweet spot for the arena. We also have tech services available to install your spring if you need. (We don't cut springs because that can lead to gearbox damage and really doesn't save you much anyway.)