We love parties so much we created a party planner to help you plan yours.

First, read our rules. You and your guests are required to follow them. They are primarily for your safety.

Pay special attention to the fps limit for the arena (350 fps). ALL guns MUST chrono at or below 350 fps. We will chrono every weapon before they are allowed on the field. This is an indoor field and a gun that shoots 450fps will not only hurt, but most likely break the skin. This rule is for player safety and no exceptions will be made for any reason. Rentals are available if you need them and are included in your package price.

Next comes the hard part: create your guest list. We have a minimum of 8 for parties. That lets you play 4 on 4. Less than that isn't a lot of fun and more is always better.

Now let's talk pricing, so you know what you're getting into:
8 Players - $250
10 Players - $300
15 Players - $350
20 Players - $450
All prices are for three hour parties. Additional hours are $40/each
Additional Players: $25/each
BBs are not included in the package prices because usage varies so much. Our BBs must be used in our rentals. If you bring your own replicas, you can use your own BBs.

Almost done. Time for the dreaded scheduling. We used to hold parties during open play times, but that caused too many issues. All parties now need to happen when we're normally closed. The upside to this is: you get the entire arena all to yourselves. Concessions and the store will be available while you're there, so you don't have to worry about forgetting something or running out of bbs. Once you have a date or two in mind, give us a call to get things scheduled. You'll need a credit card to place a $100 deposit. When you have your party, we will apply it to the bill. If you cancel/reschedule less than 48 hours before your party is scheduled to begin, you forfeit the deposit. (Sorry, too many people cancelled an hour before their party.)

Finally, a bit of homework. Each player will need a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian. Anyone without a waiver will not be allowed to play. You can download a copy of our waiver and print/email it to everyone who needs it. Bring the completed forms to the party with you. If anyone has already played here and has an active waiver on file, we do not need another one. It's a good idea to call us and verify that someone has a valid waiver on file so you're not surprised on party day. If you're not able to verify a waiver, please bring a new one, just in case.

If this is a birthday party, we have some pre-made party invites you can print out and use if you'd like. Simply click on the color you like to download a PDF: Woodland     ATACS     Navy     Pink

Now it's time to think decorations. You'll have the entire staging area to yourselves, so you can think as big or as small as you want. For birthday parties, people usually bring a banner or balloons, sometimes table covers. The arena can stand on its own, too, so if you don't want to decorate at all, you don't have to. We're all about options.

Finally, the food. If you want to order food in, we can provide you with the numbers of our favorite places. If you want to bring in your own food, that's cool too. We'll also have our concessions area open, so you can bring as much or as little as you want. Just don't forget the cake! That's one thing we don't offer yet...