Airsoft Rules and Safety

The first general rules of airsoft are very similar to real steel gun safety:
  1) Always point your gun in a safe direction when you're not in a game.
  2) Always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  3) Never point your gun at another person or animal. (Unless you're in a game. Don't shoot any animals in a game, though.)

Rules specifically for our arena:
  • Listen to the refs. On the field, it's business. They're busy trying to keep people safe. Don't argue or try to have a conversation. If you believe they were wrong or don't understand what exactly you did wrong, ask them after the game. They'll be happy to walk you through what they saw and why they did what they did.
  • Full seal impact rated goggles are required. ANSI z87.1 is the rating to look for. Ski goggles are not appropriate. Mesh goggles are not appropriate.
  • When you're on the field, keep your mask on at all times. Do not remove your mask for any reason. Do not remove your mask for any reason. Do not remove your mask for any reason. If you have a problem with your mask, put your hand in the air and call for a ref. If your mask manages to fail or get pulled off your face, use your hands to shield your eyes and mouth and yell "BLIND MAN!" as loud as you can. Keep yelling until a ref hears and the game is halted.
  • BLIND MAN / CEASEFIRE - These are emergency codes. If you hear the phrase "BLIND MAN" or "CEASEFIRE" yelled in a game, immediately stop shooting, kneel down and point your gun at the ground and turn the safety on. If someone near you keeps shooting, yell the phrase until they hear and stop shooting. Once the situation is taken care of, the refs will call "READY", and then "GAME ON".
  • This is a semi-auto field. No full auto is permitted. Triggerwalking a polarstar to mimic full auto counts as full auto and is not permitted.
  • Do not shoot up toward the ceiling. Cleaning up a shot out light takes a bit of time and the game will stop while it's taken care of.
  • Do not blind fire. Blind fire is any time you shoot your gun without being able to see what you're shooting at. For example, behind you, around a corner, or through a crack in the wall.
  • Hits - a BB hitting anywhere on your body or equipment is a hit. Call "HIT!" and put a hand or your gun in the air. Walk back to your spawn point.
  • Grenades - Thunder B sound grenades count as kills: If you're inside a building and the grenade goes off in your room, you are hit. If you are outside of a building and within 10 feet of the grenade, you are hit. If you are behind large cover (for example, a wall, oil drum, or pallet pile, you are safe, even inside the 10 foot limit. M203 and Tornado grenades launch actual BBs. If you're outside of a building, take the hit as a regular BB hit. Indoors, it doesn't matter if you're actually hit, you're out if it goes off in the same room you're in.
  • Friendly fire - shooting someone on your team. Both the person who fired and the person who was hit are out. Return to respawn.
  • Do not shoot at players who are out. At the same time, players who are out should not be a meat shield for players still in the game.
  • Spawn rules - typically to respawn all you have to do is walk back to your designated spawn point and touch the wall. If the scenario you're about to play uses different rules, the refs will explain them during the pre-game briefing.
  • Bang Bang / Melee kills - SCA does not run a bang bang rule. If you get the drop on someone, tap them on the shoulder or use a fake knife/axe/whatever. Meele kills must be honored. They are not optional.
  • Don't climb on anything. Walls, stacks of pallets, oil drums, fencing, etc. Don't climb on anything.
  • Be punctual. Delay times between games increase when players take minutes to form up at the briefing area.
  • When the game ends: take your mag out, fire a couple clearing shots, put your gun on safe, put your barrel cover on. Do not remove your mask until you are outside the field.

The following rules are for when you're not in our arena:
  • The orange tip does not protect you - most people do not know about Airsoft guns and they will assume that they are real guns. Followed by them calling 911.
  • Do not use or display Airsoft guns in public places such as the street, parks, baseball fields, etc.
  • Never take an airsoft weapon to a school. Zero tolerance policies mean they take a cookie eaten into the shape of a pistol as a gun and expel you. How do you think they'll react when you bring a replica? The police will be called, you'll take a ride to the station, and if you were still in school, you just got expelled.
  • Always transport Airsoft guns inside a bag, box, or blanket. Same as the orange tip rule above, someone who doesn't know what it is might panic and call 911.
  • When using Airsoft guns, make sure everyone within view of you understands what you are playing with and what you are doing.
  • If a neighbor or nearby person asks you to stop playing with your Airsoft guns, immediately stop and store your guns.
  • If for some reason you break one of the previous rules and a police officer approaches you, immediately drop your gun and put your hands in the air. The officer must assume your gun is real and he will defend himself. You really don't want that.
  • If you use your Airsoft guns to threaten another person or vandalize property, you will be charged with committing a serious crime. Do Not Do This! This behavior leads to more laws and the posibility that our sport will be outlawed.